About Anonimo

anonimo watchAnonimo was established in 1997, by a longtime executive with fashion design legend Salvatore Ferragamo, Federico Massacesi. It began in what is considered the creative center of Florence. With a determination to save an Italian heritage, preserving both the livelihood of the craftsmen who had dedicated their skills to Tuscan watchmaking and a veritable regional treasure as well. By providing the necessary resources, he ensured the continuation of case and strap manufacturing techniques that only this original team of veteran watch craftsmen could continue to produce.

Anonimo is a true monument to excellence, complete with the original artisans and materials essential to keeping tradition intact and alive. Though Anonimo may be less than a decade old, its people, its processes, its craftsmanship date back over 50 years. With a respect and admiration for the evolution of the original Italian military watch. Because of this evolution and the necessity to keep alive a Florentine tradition, Anonimo was born and thrives today. Anonimo’s future is inextricably linked to its past.