About Corum

corum watchIn 1955 Corum was started in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland by co-founders Simone Ries and René Bannwart. What grew was a company that benefited from their solid experience. The partnership quickly established creativity and traditional craftsmanship as the order of the day.

Shortly after this strong start, the company carved out a niche for itself, with a classic model that quickly became an international best-seller: the $20 Liberty Eagle watch, made from a genuine United States $20 gold piece. Other companies had made this style of watch as dress pocket watches since the 1920’s. Corum was the first company to make it as a wristwatch.

Corum has one of the richest collections in its field. A vast range of original designs, which with their infinite variety, define the Corum style. From the “Golden Bridge” to the “Limelight”, “Coin Watch”, “Romulus” and “Admiral’s Cup”, Corum’s products reveal a progressive attitude that is quite rare in today’s watchmaking world. Rather than merely resting on its laurels, hoping to maintain the value of its tradition, at the cost of new ideas, Corum continually debuts new designs.

Guided by its own enthusiasm, this young company has made great efforts to establish a reputation to match it ambition. The results speak for themselves: a very effective publicity campaign and successful sponsorship program demonstrate Corum’s desire to be at the helm and not in the wake.

Since December of 1998, Corum has been jointly owned by the Bannwart family and the Al Fardan Group in Doha, Qatar. Following several months of negotiations, American businessman Severin Wunderman, a well-known figure in the watch industry, has personally acquired a majority interest in the company rather than through his company, Severin Montres, Ltd., “Because I want to be personally involved with the firm. I intend to maintain the current personnel in their positions, from management to production, and to capitalize on the rich traditions that have made the reputation of Corum throughout the world”, he stated.

In the meantime, the master watchmakers at La-Chaux-de-Fonds continue to produce the magnificent timepieces – including such masterpieces as the Minute Repeater and Minute Repeater/Tourbillon – for which they are rightly famous. And they do so in an environment which rewards creativity and treasures craftsmanship – a perfect marriage of tradition and progressive thinking.