About Michele

michele watchTheir history begins in Belgium in the 1940’s with watchmaker Maurice Barouh’s strong belief in quality and refinement. Watches were his expression of choice. His designs are a reflection of his beliefs in craftsmanship, styling and quality. Maurice ultimately passed his passion on to his son Jack.

Operating in the Latin American arena, Jack Barouh proceeded to gain fame as an individual with a keen eye for trends and a dedication to detail. Expressing his heritage, Jack proceeded to design “winners” time and again.

The creation of Michele Watches came with the birth of Jack and Rita’s first child, Michele. At first, children’s watches were produced; colorful bright pieces that were extremely well received. The success of this product line awakened an interest in building a brand. Miami Florida was chosen as the platform for the launch of Michele Watches and the “MW Collection”. In the year 2000 the third generation of Barouh’s joined the company, Michele, followed by Jeremy Barouh in 2002. The introduction of the “MW Collections” featuring the CSX-Diamond Chronographs proved to be the collection that would propel Michele Watches to fame in the USA. “American Time ” magazine has called Michele “a watch market star!”

A strong tradition of quality and design combined with a keen sense of detail and sophistication are the forces that have made Michele Watches a major player in the watch industry. It is with great pride that this tradition continues.