About Technomarine

technomarine watchTechnoMarine was launched in St. Tropez, France at the end of 1997. The watch line began with the stainless steel chronograph with a translucent plastic band called the Raft, superbly designed watch with and innovative design and superior in craftsmanship, it went on to sell over 50,000 units during its first year in production.

With the amazing success of TechnoMarine’s Raft , the company set up its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California in 1999. With only one computer in the Dubarry’s California home, the company soon created a full collection of diving watches, which consisted of a combination of PU and stainless steel chronographs. These were made from a combination of luxurious French design and the best of Swiss technology.

After setting up its corporate headquarters in 1999, TechnoMarine developed and launched a breakthrough design, which was named the TechnoDiamond. The TechnoDiamond was applauded by the best in the industry at that year’s Basel watch show and was recognized around the world by sportsmen and luxury seekers alike. As the first original diamond chronograph, this fully functional diving watch and luxury accessory is complete with the signature TechnoMarine interchangeable gel bands and a carat of handpicked diamonds set in a stainless steel revolving bezel.

The TechnoDiamond brought TechnoMarine international recognition and became a favorite among celebrities, such as Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Lenny Kravitz, Sharon Stone, Ringo Starr and Arnold Schwartzenegger. The celebrity interest, and the subsequent exposure, sent the consumer demand for the TechnoMarine beyond the existing retail supply. Production was sent into overdrive and sales for TechnoMarine skyrocketed into the tens of millions almost overnight.

Since its inception in 1999, the TechnoMarine product line has grown to include more than 110 distinct styles while distribution has expanded to include retail outlets in six continents.

In 2001, TechnoMarine evolved even further as the company split to include two lifestyle-focused divisions, TechnoMarine and TechnoMarine Sport. Recognizing the different needs of consumers, the TechnoMarine and TechnoMarine Sport collections will more closely target consumer identities.